76% Increase in Google Ads Leads for National Courier

How I helped a AJP Couriers (Nationwide) Ltd compete with bigger brands and save money.


AJP Couriers (Nationwide) Ltd are using my Google Ads management to improve their online presence and lead generation.

Through targeted search campaigns, brand campaigns, and optimised landing pages, the company saw a 76% increase in leads and a 50% reduction in Google Ads cost.

Demonstrating that even small businesses can compete with industry leaders through efficient use of Google Ads.


AJP Couriers (Nationwide) Ltd provide a reliable and professional same day and next day delivery service in which their customers always come first.

With offices in both Wrexham and Warrington, they are ideally situated to provide logistical support for businesses across the UK and they are delighted to be able to offer a truly nationwide and international collection and delivery service.


They wanted to improve their online presence and directly increase the number of high-quality leads for their services.

They understood that they were going up against bigger and more established industry leaders but knew that they could grow their customer base if the right volume of quality leads were generated at the right cost.


As it was a new account, after performing in-depth keyword research I jumped straight into building the search campaigns from scratch.

In order to ensure that the right kind of high-quality leads were obtained at the desired cost it was important that the campaigns were highly targeted and benefit from very little ad spend wastage.

Alongside these service focused campaigns, I also created a brand campaign where we targeted the company's name as a keyword. In doing so it helped to prevent any loss of business and further solidify their brand presence.

In addition to the implementation of search campaigns, they also benefited from bespoke landing pages which were heavily optimised and paired with different ad groups within the campaigns to further increase the number of leads while reducing the overall cost.


The results of their new Google Ads campaigns and landing pages were outstanding, with a 76% increase in leads. This significant increase in leads showcases the effectiveness of the targeted campaigns in reaching the right audience.

Furthermore, after four weeks we were able to achieve a 50% reduction in Google Ads cost, which highlights the efficient use of ad spend. The combination of increased leads and reduced ad spend resulted in a 63% increase in conversion rate, demonstrating the high impact of the campaigns and landing pages.

• 76% Increase in Leads

• 50% Reduction of Google Ads Cost

• 63% Increase in Conversion Rate


The success of the campaigns and landing pages demonstrates that with the right strategy and execution, even smaller businesses can compete and succeed in the face of industry leaders via Google Ads.


We’ve been working with Kevin since February 2018 and we’ve not looked back. He has greatly improved our presence online and in turn increased our customer base. On top of this, he has been great to deal with and nothing’s ever too much. We’re looking forward to continuing our working relationship going forward.

- Jack, Managing Director of AJP Couriers (Nationwide) Ltd

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