I Use Award Winning Click Fraud Prevention Software

Block fraudsters without lifting a finger.
Award Winning

Protect against competitors.

  • PPC Protect will identify & stop competitors from maliciously clicking your ads to deplete your budget.
Click Fraud Prevention

Protect Against Hackers.

Protect your Google ads from malicious users using automated traffic to try and gain unauthorised access to your websites.

Protect Against Angry Customers.

  • It's a fact of life that unhappy customers know clicking your ads costs you money. PPC Protect will stop them automatically.

Block Fraudsters Instantly & Automatically

Keeping your Google Ads account safe.

Identifying and fighting click fraud is a challenging and ever-changing problem. It’s a game of cat and mouse where we must always stay one step ahead of the fraudsters who are intent on depleting your advertising budgets.

Therefore, I am proud to offer PPC Protect to my wonderful clients giving them access to the most advanced click fraud prevention platform for Google Ads advertisers that the world has ever seen. Analysing over 120 points of data for every single visitor click, all in real time. Helping you to protect your business against a range of common attacks including malicious competitors, disgruntled customers, botnets and fraud rings.

How does PPC Protect Prevent Click Fraud?

PPC Protect’s automated software uses a custom built algorithm to monitor your ads in real time, analysing each click and using the data from millions of clicks to determine if the click is legitimate or fraudulent. Thanks to an ever growing database of anonymous clicks their algorithm works with such accuracy you could even call it magic.

1. The Click: The click on the ad (search network, shopping or display) passes through the monitoring funnel in under 100ms – so fast that the user doesn’t even notice it.

2. Data Collection: When passing through the monitoring funnel PPC Protect collects over 100 pieces of unique data, including IP address, device ID, resolution, user agent, location and more.

3. Data Analysis: It then analyses and cross-reference this data in real time with their existing bank of fraudulent devices/activity, as well as using machine learning to identify new fraudulent activity not seen before.

4. The Algorithm: If the algorithm detects that the click was fraudulent, that user is blacklisted and can no longer see your ads.

5. The Blacklist: Blacklisted users are blocked within Google Ads by adding them to a blacklist via the Ads API.

6. Avoid Limits: The unique “Threat Level” detection technology means that Google Ads 500 IP limit in the blacklist isn’t an issue – PPC Protect ensures it’s always populated with the IPs most likely to commit fraud.

7. Continued Protection through Device ID: Even if the fraudulent attacker/device changes IP you are still protected thanks to device ID tracking systems.

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