The Importance of Landing Pages

If you have worked with me before then you have most certainly heard me talk about the importance of landing pages and optimisation with regards to Google Ads.

I’m not going to dive into great detail here (don’t worry, I’ll save that for another time) however I wanted to share a recent landing page success story.

A Google Ads campaign had been running with no conversions (leads) being recorded. Traffic was being sent to a dedicated service page and despite high user engagement (video watches, page interaction and so on) the campaign didn’t generate any leads.

After reviewing the campaign itself and being happy with the overall performance from a Google Ads point of view. I wanted to try implementing a new landing page. Taking this a step further, I actually designed and developed a completely separate page using Unbounce which also used a different call to action.

Instead of asking users to get in touch, I changed the focus of the landing page to drive brochure downloads (via email capture). When combined with a new page design, lots of social proof and a softer call to action conversions (leads) quickly started to appear and continue to do so.

Of course, on-going optimisation will continue to take place within Google Ads, but this just goes to show that taking a step back and reconsidering the call to action and landing page design can really help increase the number of leads a campaign generates.

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