Why are your Google Ads conversions showing in decimals?

Have you ever wondered why your Google Ads conversions show up as decimals? It's not a glitch or a mistake; it's actually a deliberate strategy to give credit where it's due.

When multiple keywords work together to lead a user to conversion, it's important to acknowledge the contributions of each click along the way. Whether it's the first click, the last click, or any click in between, every interaction plays a role in winning that lead. By assigning partial credit to all the clicks involved, Google Ads ensures that everyone gets their fair share of recognition.

This approach allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns more effectively. By understanding the impact of different clicks and keywords on conversions, they can fine-tune their strategies and allocate resources accordingly. It's all about gaining insights into the customer journey and making informed decisions based on data.

So, the next time you see decimals in your Google Ads conversions, remember that it's a sign of the platform's commitment to giving credit where credit is due. Embrace the power of comprehensive attribution and leverage it to enhance the success of your advertising campaigns.

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