56% Decrease in Cost Per Lead for Virtual Law Firm

How my on-going optimisation helps to drive recruitment efforts for Nexa.


Nexa was established in 2016 with a mission to offer a fresh and innovative approach to practicing law.

As a new player in the market, the firm needed a way to attract experienced solicitors to join their team and leave behind traditional ways of working.

To achieve this goal, Nexa turned to my Google Ads management.


Nexa delivers evolved legal services to a broad spectrum of business and private clients.

As a new model law firm, they have reimagined the way in which both lawyers and clients experience legal services.

They offer a new way of doing business which breaks away from the traditional, rigid style of operation of most law firms to a more modern way of working based on a flexible, on demand approach.


As a new and exciting law firm, Nexa wanted to attract experienced solicitors to join them and leave behind their traditional way of working.

At the start of our partnership, they were very new to the market (established in 2016), so it was also important that their Google Ads conveyed the benefits of joining them over their competitors.

They were also focused on working with solicitors with at least 8 years of experience, so I also had to keep that in mind while working on their campaigns.


I spent time conducting thorough keyword research to identify the search terms that experienced solicitors might use when looking for new opportunities.

This research then formed the creation of ad groups, campaigns and overall account structure, which were organised by theme and optimised for relevance and conversions.

My ad copy for the campaigns also emphasised the benefits of joining Nexa combined with a strong call-to-action to encourage solicitors to act.

Following the initial setup, on-going monitoring, optimisation and improvements have been made to further refine the campaigns.


My on-going Google Ads management for Nexa has had a significant impact on their recruitment efforts.

The targeted campaigns resulted in a 96% increase in the conversion rate, which means that there was a significant increase in the number of experienced solicitors who were interested in joining the firm.

Additionally, there was a 56% reduction in the cost per lead, which means that Nexa can effectively reach their target audience at a lower cost.

These results show the effectiveness of using Google Ads as a tool for attracting experienced solicitors to a new law firm, and the importance of targeting and optimising campaigns for maximum impact.

Nexa now has 110+ lawyers and continues to grow.

• 96% Increase in Conversion Rate

• 56% Reduction in Cost Per Lead


My use of Google Ads for Nexa has proven to be a crucial factor in their success in attracting experienced solicitors and disrupting the traditional legal industry.

The successful implementation of keyword research and targeted ad campaigns led to exceptional outcomes, such as a 96% increase in conversion rate and a 56% reduction in cost per lead.

These outcomes showcase the potential of Google Ads and the necessity of ongoing optimisation for maximum impact.

With a growing team of over 110 lawyers, Nexa remains an industry leader in the legal field, offering a fresh and ground-breaking approach to legal services.


“We have used Kev for some time now. He is very thorough and diligent and his charges are transparent and very fair. I can recommend him for all Google Ads requirements. Kev is an important supplier to our business."

- Eliot Hibbert, COO & Founder of Nexa

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