What’s Included (Google Ads)?

Research, Planning & Analysis
Account Development
Ongoing Optimisation

Understanding your business

Keyword research

Match type selection

Competitor analysis

Landing page audits

Conversion tracking


& more!

Account structure

Campaigns setup

Ad groups setup

Ad creation

Budget management

Ad extensions / asset setup

Negative keywords

Bid modifiers


& more!

Daily monitoring & checks

A/B split testing

Quality score improvements

Ongoing bid optimisation

Keyword analysis

Search query report analysis

Keyword expansion

More Negative keywords

Performance monitoring

Campaign optimisation

Landing page optimisation

Competitor analysis

Monthly reporting

& More

“Kevin is great, he is really invested in his clients getting results. I always get a quick response to any queries I have and he has monitored my campaigns closely.

Kevin always keeps me updated on tweaks he has made to the campaign and I have had plenty of enquiries even in the first few weeks it’s been running.”
- Amy Leite - Specialist Franchise Solicitor -

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